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Meet the Band

Lou  Terragnoli 

Lou Terragnoli, born in the 716, has had a passion for music and playing drums from a very young age. He is a professionally trained drummer who has studied with Buffalo Music Hall of Fame member Ron Rocco. Lou enjoys rock, pop, blues, jazz fusion, and contemporary Christian genres.  Musical influences include Aerosmith, Jeff Beck, Joe Bonamassa, Journey, MercyMe, Vital Information, and Led Zeppelin. Drumming influences include Carmine Appice, John Bonham, Barry Brandt, Joey Kramer, Simon Phillips, and Steve Smith.


Jim Gardner

Jim comes from a family of music lovers. Growing up, he had access to his dad’s extensive record collection and Hi-Fi stereo equipment. The house was always rocking with the sounds of Classical, Jazz, Blues, Rock and Roll, and Pop. Banging on the drums early on, Jim switched to guitar at age 13 taking lessons from local guitar legend Rick Strauss. After playing in a band through the eighties and nineties, Jim took a break to raise his boys. He started up again in 2016 and is excited to be a founding member of Vinyl Cocktails.

Jackie Rankin
Lead Vocals

Singing has been Jackie's passion since she was a little girl. She remembers the joy of singing along with her 45rpm record collection. She began singing professionally in 2011 after raising her two sons and feels she's proof that "you're never too old and it's never too late". Jackie is inspired by a broad range of artists/genres and has a unique style along with a commanding vocal range. She is  always happy to be performing and sharing her love of music. Jackie has been a member of Vinyl Cocktails since the project began in 2022.   

Tom on Bass (002).jpg

Tom Droz

If it seems like Tom has been playing bass guitar forever, it’s true! Primarily a child of the 70’s rock era Tom has played in jazz, big band, new wave and even a musical or two throughout a long career in the local music scene. He particularly loves music played by real musicians using real instruments. His philosophy as the bassist, is he looks to be the glue, in the every song, who brings the individual players in an ensemble together as one.       

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